Warder (Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy)
Also known as: "The Deceiver"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Voice actor: Randy "Macho Man" Savage
Height: 2.1 meters
Weight: 85 kilos
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
True name: unknown
Master: Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy
Alignment: True Neutral
Class skills:
  Magic Resistance unknown
  Cunning Mind unknown
Personal skills:
  Saint A
Noble Phantasms:
Warder's Theme ~ The Boastful Liar's Entrance

Warder's Battle Theme ~ The Struggler's Defiance

Fate? Destiny? Har! Those are fool's words! If you have even the smallest bit of a mind in your head, fight the impossible with your bare fists!

Warder is Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy's partner in the quest for Justice at OLYMPUS. A giant of a man, Warder comes across as an amiable uncle whom your mother tolerated and your father loved. Spinning ribald wisdom and bawdy jokes, he is a person one would never expect to be a Saint, but he freely admits it, and tries his best to "act saintly" despite his unscrupulous nature. A muscled body and a cunning mind, he faces down his foe with utmost certainty. He and his Master share somewhat similar philosophies and personalities and are very compatable, but Warder enjoys making fun of the juxtaposition between Vampire and Sun-Praising, as she enjoys commenting on a saintly con-man.


A relaxed Servant who is at his most natural in a fistfight or a dice game. He dislikes sentimentalism, and encourages a postive attitude, he dislikes swindling too much from a person, cutting them off if they lose too often, labeling it as "unsportsmanlike" and on occasion becomes strangely sad when his victims grow angry with him. Despite his flaws, he dislikes those who abuse their power, or act aggressively without due cause, and favors defending those who cannot protect themselves, showing some saintly nature under his vice-loving exterior.

He is incredibly bombastic and unsubtle in any possible situation, boasting about his accomplishments (both real and fake) and generally being most prideful for one with the title of "Saint", but that is simply who he is under the mantle of Warder.



True IdentityEdit


Noble PhantasmsEdit

No information available.


Warder has not been summoned as of yet.


"Har! You've got balls, kid, but they're bigger than yer brains. Old man [REDACTED] won't go down easy, heh, we never have. Not through all the years. From the whores of Uruk to the last dog-fucking Emperor, we have lived on, many have thought to end us, child. And many have died trying."

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