Tao Zhen
Tao Zhen
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor:  ?
Character type: Dorm Head (former)
Affiliation: China Order
Gender: Female
Birthday:  ?
Height:  ?
Weight:  ?
Three sizes:  ?
Blood type:  ?
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

The former Dorm Head of the China Order whose current whereabouts are unknown. Presumed to either be dead or missing in action.






A phenomenal martial artist who was Li Hong's superior, it was said that her technique was to such a degree that she needed to use only with her feet in order for a conflict to be called a "fight". Allegedly capable of performing 10,000 rapid-fire kicks in the span of a minute.


Former Dorm Head of the China Order.

Route Link:Edit


  • Either possessed or consumed a Peach of Immortality, which had been a gift from her teacher.
  • Her clash with a rival caused the leaves on the trees of an entire mountainside to become dyed red.

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