Asakura Syouko
Also known as: Syou
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: devillilith87
Character type: Master, Human
Affiliation: Taima
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 21st
Height: 156cm
Weight: 41kg
Three sizes: B72/W53/H76
Blood type: AB-
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

Asakura Syouko is one of the player characters in Fate/Regalia. She is the Master of Enchanter although be cause of her silent demeanor it is her Servant who appears to be the one in command She is a first year at Athena Acamdey on the floating academy city of OLYMPUS, and is part of the Taima faction.


Syouko is a rather serious and stoic individual most of the time, she is afraid of getting too close to people because she is afraid of losing those that she cares about. Despite this she is an inately caring individual and enjoys quietly reading and drinking tea. She is occasionally struck by melancholy whenever she sees something that reminds her of her lost Nee-san. Whenever angered her eyes take on an almost icy nature and the air around her becomes charged with energy.


Unknown, as of now.


Perks Edit


Your work, and you yourself, are an enigma, even in the world of magi. Your spells and rituals are tough to understand, and even when experienced first-hand, enemies are unable to determine them. Unless enemies get to analyze details of your spell-formulas, they are unable to understand them to full detail. Your status screen is hidden until the enemy can work these details out. Spells that haven’t been found out will cause slightly more damage.

Magecraft Edit

Spell: Fire Bolt
Rank: B
Description: Syouko launches a sphere of flame the size of a man's fist from her fingertip like a bullet, it explodes on contact covering the target in flame.

Spell: Binding
Rank: C
Description: Through touch Syouko is able to freeze the target in motion for 1 turn.

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