Also known as: "Queen of War"
Appears in: Fate/Moon White
Played by: Verg Avesta
Voice actor: Ohaka Sayara
Character type: Servant
Gender: Female
Height: 213cm
Weight: 105kg
Three sizes: B103/W64/H86
Hair color: White, with braids on
both sides of her face.
Eye color: Red
True name: unknown
Master: Tikhon Belanov
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class skills:
  Magic Resistance unknown
  Riding unknown
Personal skills:
Noble Phantasms:

A humongous woman over two meters tall, and with a personality to match. Far more manly than her Master, a Russian magus named Tikhon Belanov, Saber's identity seems to confuse everyone, even her Master, who expected something completely else to appear. Still, she seems sure of her strength, which is not surprising, taking in account that she is of Saber class, which is usually deemed the best. At least she has an attitude fit for the "strongest class". She seems to care about her allies, especially about her Master, whose wish she finds "highly admirable".


While not much is known about Saber herself, her personality is clear: She likes to drink, eat and fight, and loot some treasure in the process. She also seems to be absolutely oblivious to the existence of others, having no indoor voice and blatantly walking on the streets of Tengetsu in her old style clothing, without even reverting back to her spirit form.

True NameEdit

Unknown, as of now.


She has no visible weapons, and thus no easily identifiable Noble Phantasm. Only time will tell if Saber's Noble Phantasm actually helps others to identify her colossal self, or if it just serves further to confuse them...


Saber caused quite ruckus in the hotel where she was summoned to, destroying the door of the hotel room and walking around in her Servant get-up. This forced her Master, Tikhon Belanov, to retreat from the place, hoping that no other Master would use those events as a clue to track him down. Afterwards Saber, fascinated by the new age she was summoned into, dragged her Master around the city, forcing him to buy her loads of new clothes and a very expensive meal down at a local restaurant.

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