Rani VI
Fate Regalia RaniVI
Also known as: Serial Phantasm Decoder
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Character type: NPC
Affiliation: Angelica Cage
Gender: Female
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Purple
STR:  ? CAS:  ?
END:  ? PRA:  ?
AGI:  ?

A homunculus that has taken the form of a young Indian girl with purple hair. She is the newly-appointed dorm head of the Angelica Cage faction. Her ability in Codecasting is on a whole other level when compared to her peers, and it could be said that she is only a step away from realizing the dream of her faction. Whatever she desires can be brought into reality without the usage of her own prana. Has a strange obsession with curry. Ranked #15 in the Duel Chart.

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