The third factions brought to OLYMPUS by the Holy Church. They are alienated from the other two both in their goals and in their ways of behavior. They work as a closely knit group, and not many of them form bonds outside of their own factions. They harbor a deep hatred against magi, but deem natural Dead Apostles and other monstrosities as problems of the other factions. They are in especially bad terms with the Middle-Eastern Order, and the members are prone to fight against each other if given a chance.

Dormitories Edit

The dormitories of the Templars resembles a small salt-desert with a single cutting it in the middle. The actual dorms are hidden under the domes that dot the desert, being vast underground bunkers that resemble futuristic catacombs. There, they have all recreational facilities they need along with shops, rooms and mass-halls. In other words, they have built their own part of the city under the salt desert

Members Edit

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