Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Chaos Greyblood
Voice actor: Akio Otsuka
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 216 lb
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
True name: unknown
Master: Katsuhiro Asakami
Alignment: unknown
Class skills:
  Conqueror Arms unknown
Personal skills:
  Eternal Arms Mastership unknown
  Military Tactics unknown
Noble Phantasms:

Servant Marauder is a fictional character created by Android_Chaos for the message board RPG Fate/Regalia and he's the partner of Katsuhiro Asakami, heir of the Asakami clan. When he's not in the battlefield, Marauder keeps his hair clean-cropped and tied back in a ponytail. When he's in a battle, he lets it loose and it flows freely, showing a mane that makes him look like a ferocious warrior. When he was first summoned, he wasn't very welcoming to his Master due to his easy-going nature and feeling like a stranger in a strange land, as he had never seen Japan before. However, he saw that Katsuhiro was working hard to try and unite the demon hunting clans once he becomes the head of the Asakami clan as time went by. This reminded him of his past, and so he decided to be part of his objective, becoming a loyal, stout-hearted warrior. Marauder is rather curious about the Japanese culture and has developed a certain degree of respect towards the samurai warriors from the warring eras.


Marauder is tranquil, easy-going and slow to anger. He's also a loyal and devouted man who stands by anyone who has strong beliefs in his goal. Yet, he can be a fierce and determined warrior whose strength is comparable to some of the great heroes in history. He will defy the odds no matter how tough they are and while he prefers direct combat, he will rely on strategies along with shock-and-awe tactics to get the upper hand


Marauder hasn't been summoned yet.

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