Maibe Shenouda
Maibe New FC????
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Mooncake
Voice actor: Miyuki Sawashiro
Character type: Homunculus
Affiliation: Remnants of Timaeus
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 6th
Height: 176cm
Weight: 55kg
Three sizes: B82/W73/H81
Blood type: O
Hair color: White
Eye color: Amber
Maibe's Theme ~ Für Elise


One of the homunculi belonging to the faction “Remnants of Timaeus”, Maibe was chosen to take part in the Heavens End. Maibe tries to project an aura of quiet confidence, which hides the uncertainties brimming below the surface. She is someone who is almost exclusively devoted to Magecraft in terms of combat. However, she is first and foremost a researcher, and tries to stay away from battles. Loves sweet food.

Her Alignment is Altruistic Order (Good)


Unknown - it seems she had a friend that gave her feather she wears in her cap, but, along with the rest of her faction, Maibe's past is a mystery. 


Maibe has not yet done anything truly of note on OLYMPUS.

Route Link: The Gilded LilyEdit

Apparently very difficult to unlock.

Abilities and MagecraftEdit



-       Remnants of Timaeus only. Your very existence is more akin to that of a spirit. Built to resemble an artificial fairy, you are granted with flight ability through a pair of transparent wings, and with the ability to influence spirits and spiritual concepts with your physical touch. Even the weapons you touch are capable of harming spirits, such as Servants. Due to your close association with the Ether, you are able to store 200 more prana points. However, your existence is also very fragile, reducing your END by two ranks.

Innate Knowledge

-        You are not truly original, but rather, based on someone who has once lived, in a way or another. This allows you to have knowledge that you could not otherwise possess, something that was developed by another person through his or her whole life. Your ABI requirement for every spell is lowered by one and prana cost is lowered by 20 prana units.

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