Also known as: "Curse of the Immortals"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Namikawa Daisuke
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Atlas
Gender: Male
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
True name: unknown
Master: Numerica Loch
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class skills:
  Magic Resistance unknown
Personal skills:
  Projectile Creation C
Noble Phantasms:
  Treasure Killer Support A

A grim, young Servant with a brooding demeanor. He tends to avoid company of others, and is known to be quite annoyed by any and all attempts of conversation with him. The only one he tends to show a brighter face is his Master. Suffered only one loss in hands of Charleston Fox’s Trickster, but was spared thanks to his Master’s improvisation in plans. Although details are unknown, it is rumored that he carries a certain sort of Noble Phantasm, and is thus considered extremely dangerous when faced without any sort of preparation.

True NameEdit

Lancer's true name has been revealed as Hagen one of Gunnar's friends


Besides his considerable skill with a spear, Lancer has also been witnessed manifesting javelins and hurling them with the force of bullets. His spear has a curse on it that prevents healing.

Noble PhantasmEdit

Gunnar: A spear throw which homes in on the oppnents weak point

Lancer's only known Noble Phantasm, Treasure Killer, manifests as a passive aura around him that restricts the flow of prana and prevents most Noble Phantasms from being invoked.


Lancer was first met by Drake Walker in the Apollo Libraries. Growing tired of the questions Drake asked from him, he attacked the magus, planning on killing him. Only the fact that Kushina Yamato and his Squire joined the battle prevented him from killing Drake.

When Squire attempted to invoke a Noble Phantasm, he was countered by Treasure Killer. However, Lancer opted not to use a mentioned second Noble Phantasm to finish him off, realizing that Lobo Gestheint and his Archer had arrived with Rei Fujou in tow. The two resolved to settle the duel on their spear skills alone, and Archer ultimately intervened before ARES could arrive.


Battle Introduction: "You want to die so badly? What a bunch of morons and cowards... Fine. Come. I'll kill every last one of you."

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