Appears in: Fate/Moon White
Played by: tobias
Gender: Male
True name: unknown
Master: Maebana Misune
Alignment: unknown
AGI: A+ NP: B+
Class skills:
  Magic Resistance unknown
Personal skills:
  Harmony unknown
Noble Phantasms:

Brutish. Misshapen. Scarred. Servant Lancer looks more like a barbarian from the hills then a surly old monk, and he is about as friendly as a coiled snake. Lancer is supremely confident in his abilities as a warrior, almost to the point where being beaten would almost be preferable to another boring victory. Little is known about him at this point in time, but he boasts that his schools were world renowned, and he (perhaps correctly) considers himself one of the greatest teachers that ever lived.

True NameEdit

Unknown, as of now.


The iconic spear that Lancer wields is almost embarrassingly simple - it’s a kuntham spear that has been modified in several ways to make it lighter, but perhaps more interestingly, Lancer has mused that the spear may outright refuse him. It’s almost as if the Noble Phantasm is not his own...


Servant Lancer has been summoned by Maebana Misune, and their relationship has gotten off to a cold start. While Lancer has guarded approval of Misune’s skills as a magus, and her intelligence, he feels she lacks a certain pride as the master of one of the Knight classes. Still, he has sworn to guard her from harm and win her the Grail, in exchange for his wish.

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