Fujou Kurotsuchi
Fate Regalia Fujou Kurotsuchi2
Also known as: Elegant Imperial Painting
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Dorm Head (Deceased)
Affiliation: Fujou Clan
Gender: Female
STR:  ? CAS:  ?
END:  ? PRA:  ?
AGI:  ?

Former Dorm Head of the Fujou Clan, deceased during the Outbreak Incident, in which half of the Half-Blood Dorm went insane. Said to be the perfect picture of a princess, and had a very close relationship with the current Dorm Head, Suzuka.


Unknown at this time


Unknown as to before her enrolling to Athena Academy.


Players have yet to find out about them.

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