A faction hailing from Japan. They are a group of monks mostly associated with Buddhism, though due to the nature of Buddhism, they do not shun away from other religions either. They forsake prayers, chants and matters of faith in order to combat ghosts and spiritual apparitions plaguing the lands of East. Through training, they seek closer connection to the Nirvana, thus increasing their power. Due to their mysterious powers, they are enigma to both magi and the Church, and have less allies than most factions.

Dormitories Edit

The dormitories take a form of a one huge Buddhist temple, one that spirals around a small artificial mountain. The temple itself is more akin to a city-turned-into-temple, offering many services to the members of the faction. The Enlightened Road takes all visitors with open arms, welcoming them to come and see the dormitories themselves.

Members Edit

  • Vipassi: Dorm Head, Master of Crusader
  • Nukata Gongen: Dorm advisor
  • Saimon Machibei: Master of Berserker
  • Tenryuu Mikoto: Master of Marauder

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