Also known as: "Petals that Cover the Sky"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: Arai Satomi
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Asakami Clan
Gender: Female
Height: 176cm
Weight: 55kg
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red
True name: unknown
Master: Asakami Kazuya
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
STR: unknown MGI: unknown
END: unknown LCK: unknown
AGI: unknown NP: unknown
Class skills:
Personal skills:
Noble Phantasms:

A young woman with a large shield, and according to herself, the “true” Defender type. Her powers, despite her frame, are formidable, and she has managed to help her Master climb to this spot in the official Duel-Chart. Although her attack-power is not the greatest, she sports the ultimate defense Noble Phantasm that has never been broken. Prefers to leave her opponents alive, but will not hesitate to kill if something threatens her Master.

They say that once in the past, when she was summoned, she was very different from her current personality, almost akin to an abandoned puppy. However, Defender herself is a testimony to how hardships faced together can change a person, even a Servant. Defender continues to stand by her Master's side, unwavering and always loyal. However, there might be bit more to that loyalty, as it is common knowledge Defender prepares the lunches Asakami Kazuya brings to school with him.






Players have yet to find out about them.

True NameEdit

Unknown, as of now.

Noble PhantasmEdit



Has yet to affect lives of players.



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