Avarice zps3b359093
Also known as: "Eye of the Storm"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor:  ?
Character type: Dorm Head, Master
Affiliation: Middle Eastern Order
Gender: Male
Height:  ?
Weight:  ?
Hair color:  ?
Eye color:  ?
STR:  ? CAS:  ?
END:  ? PRA:  ?
AGI:  ?

Dorm head of the Middle-Eastern Order, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. The silent dorm head who sits in the rank of the perfect number. It seems that even the members of his own dorm see him only occasionally, and he has the habit of remaining completely unseen even from Servants. A complete mystery, and his battle techniques and stats are unknown. His true face has never been seen, and to continue with his mystery, even his name is not believed to truly be “Avarice”. Extremely dangerous opponent. A person who seems to communicate solely through letters and notes.


Unknown at this time




Said to possess the best Grimoires of all the Dorm Heads, as well as considerable stealth abilities.

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