"Hmm? What's that? Family? Don't be silly, of course I had a family. It's not like I was born from a stone like the Monkey King. I know it can be odd to tell sometimes, but physically at least, I'm a true pure human being, you know? Heh. This could be a fun way to kill some time. Let me tell you a story, a fun tale, an entertaining anecdote, the story of one of my siblings. I was born to a family of four, two sons, two daughters. The firstborn was a daughter, the eldest, the star of this tale. Then my older brother was born. And next was me. And finally, my younger brother. But forget about those three, they're just side characters in this here tale. As mentioned, the main character was the eldest sister. Ah, what was her name again? It was so long ago... I think it was Aia. How should I say this... ah forget it, I'll just be blunt. What a spectacularly talented person she was! Without a doubt, she was one of those born prodigies, filled with potential, destined for greatness. The shining hope and clear successor to my family. Actually, let me revise that. She did succeed my family, inherited the family magic crest, and at such a young age too. Truly a genius, much greater than my less talented brothers, and especially when compared to the talentless, potential-less me. How did that expression go, like the difference between heaven and earth? Haha, although I guess it doesn't matter who is the heaven and who is the earth? Normally, the stronger one is considered 'heaven', but honestly that phrase is purely measuring distance, so there really isn't necessary one being better than the other. Ahh, sorry, I rambled off a bit there, although when you consider her a whole, it wouldn't be hard to associate her more with the earth. How should I describe it? Honestly, I haven't seen any other person so in tune with nature and life as she was. Such a gentle person, almost makes me wonder if... nah that's ridiculous. Fairies are quite nasty little things. Hmmm... I guess harvest goddess? Sort of similar anyway. Ha. [Heartbeat of Spring], that's both who and what she was. What a crazy ability that was though, [Heartbeat of Spring]... Sorry, sorry, took a brief visit around my memories. Anyway, quite a gentle, kind person. Even though she was the successor of the family and such a talented genius prodigy, she never once made this talentless, worthless me feel unwanted or useless or the like. Now here comes the unfortunate part, and it may seem a bit abrupt, but at some point, I think it was her early twenties, she just completely vanished. And nobody from my family ever saw her again. An eternal mystery, don't you think? Truly a shame. Well, it's been quite a long time, and if she's not still living, she'd probably be dead. Hmmm? That's quite a rude, tasteless thing you just asked. Well, let me respond what a hypothetical silence, or in other words a lack of a response. No answer. Well, I just felt like talking about it on a whim."

-Human who would later become a vampire known as '4'

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